Madame Crochet


Are you good at working with your hands? I have never been very skilled in that regard and I would like to learn, for example, to crochet. I’ve already bought needles and wool, and I have saved some tutorials in youtube to start with. If I can do something presentable, I’ll show it to you.

  Some members of my family are very talented in these sort of things and today I want to show you the beautiful work of one of my cousins: Eva. She loves to crochet and she says that it is very relaxing.  Here you can see some of her favourites amigurumis (little crochet fabric dolls).

¿Sois buenos haciendo cosas con vuestras manos? Yo nunca he tenido mucho talento en este tipo de cosas, pero me gustaría aprender, por ejemplo, a hacer ganchillo. Ya he comprado las agujas y la lana y, también, he seleccionado algunos tutoriales de youtube para ir empezando. Si consigo hacer algo presentable os lo enseñaré.

Algunos miembros de mi familia tienen mucho talento en este tipo de cosas y hoy quiero presentaros el maravilloso trabajo de una de mis primas: Eva. A ella le encanta hacer ganchillo y dice que es muy relajante. Aquí podéis ver algunos de sus amigurumis favoritos (pequeños muñecos hechos de ganchillo).







Scarf/ Bufanda



This is the beautiful Koala she made for Liam/ Este es el precioso Koala que hizo para Liam

Thank you , Eva, for letting me show these little wonders.

Gracias, Eva, por dejarme enseñar esta pequeñas maravillas.

What is your favorite?

¿Cuál es vuestro favorito?


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5 Responses to Madame Crochet

  1. threadcetera says:

    These are adorable! I love the chicks in the egg carton. Such a good idea.

    • mamenfiol says:

      Thank you for your words, Emma! Eva is a very talented woman and she creates wonderful things. I will let her know your opinion about her work.

      I have seen some of your creations and they are lovely too!

      Thank you, once again, for stopping by!


  2. twistnpout says:

    I just adore that alligator scarf

    • mamenfiol says:

      It is adorable, isn’t it?
      She made a pink version for a little girl and it look so cute on her!!

      I have had a look at your blog and I have to say that I really like the DIY section. Nice projects there!

      Than you for your comment, Marie.

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