Apartment hunting & snapshots of the weekend

As I told you, last Friday we went to visit several apartments in town. Two of them were potencial “yes” but we are still looking for “the apartment”.  Today we have more visits planned so crossed your fingers agai for us, please.

Now I bring you some pictures that illustrate what has been our weekend. I hope you enjoy them!

Como os comenté, el viernes fuimos a visitar varios pisos en la ciudad. Dos de ellos eran potenciales “sí”, pero seguimos buscando “el piso”.  Hoy tenemos más visitas programadas así que, una vez más, os pido que nos deseéis suerte, por favor.

Ahora os dejo con algunas fotos que ilustran lo que ha sido nuestro fin de semana. ¡Espero que os gusten!


1. Wonderful iron door in the Gothic area/ 2. Chic hostal in Born/ 3. Street art in Gràcia / 4. Lunch in Teresa Carles/     5. Green house in Ciutadella parc/ 6. Born/ 7. Le’s have a coffee/ 8. Skateboards (How do you get on them?)/                    9. Wearing my converse


Lunch in La nena. Great place for a Vegetal sundwich and children friendly.



Have a good day!

¡Buen día a todos!


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