Raspberry and almond cake


Last week, when we were doing our weekly shop for food in the neighborhood market, I saw these raspberries. They were on sale because they were a little bit soft already. So I decided to get them and cook something with them. I have a delicious recipe of a raspberry cake from Mark’s mother but every time that I read it I think that it is very difficult to make. Maybe when they come to visit us next time she can show me and help me to bake it. As i did not dare to bake Raija’s cake, I looked over the Internet and I found something simple and I baked this one.

La semana pasada, cuando hacíamos la compra semanal en el mercado del barrio, vi unas cajas de frambuesas. Estaban en oferta porque ya estaban un poco maduras. Decidí llevármelas a casa y cocinar algo con ellas. Tengo una receta de una tarta de frambuesas que hace la madre de Mark y que está muy buena, pero cada vez que la leo, me parece que es muy complicada. Como no me atrevía a hacer la tarta de Raija, busqué en internet algo más simple y encontré ésta.

Preheat the oven at 180º/ Precalentar el horno a 180º

1. Greased a baking dish/ Engrasar un molde de mantequilla

2. In a bowl, mix the sugar with the eggs until the mixture is whitish/ En un bol,mezclar los huevo con el azúcar hasta conseguir una mezcla blanquecina.

3. In another bowl, mix the rest of the dry ingredients/ En otro bol, mezcla el resto de los ingredientes secos.

4. Pour the contents of the dry ingredients to the egg mixture/ Añadimos la mezcla de los ingredientes secos a la mezcla de los huevos.

5. Mix well/ Mezcla bien

6. Add the resulting mixture to the baking dish/ Añadimos la mezcla resultante al molde para el horno.

7. Split the raspberries over the dough/ Repartimos las frambuesas por encima de la masa.

8. Cut the butter into pieces and place them on the fruit/ Cortamos la mantequilla en pedacitos y los colocamos sobre la fruta.

9.  Bake for 35-40 minutes/ Hornea entre 35-40 minutos.






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4 Responses to Raspberry and almond cake

  1. Carolina says:

    Vaya pintaza! Queremos probar la tarta. Para el cumple que Raija nos haga la suya. Eva

  2. Raija says:

    Your cake looks delicious! I will try to make it too! I am not sure what my cake recipe was but if i made it it could not have been difficult.

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