Run, baby, run


Today I want to show my side of “proud mom”.The reason why: my little man has taken his first steps!!

Hoy os voy a mostrar mi lado de “orgullosa mamá”, y es que ¡mi pequeño hombrecito ha dado sus primeros pasos!


Each child has their own pace and Liam has started at the age of 13 and a half month.

Cada niño tiene su ritmo y Liam ha empezado a caminar a los 13 meses y medio.


Well done, my little man! We are very proud of you and your courage. You are not afraid to fall down, wich makes it more dangerous to leave you alone🙂

We love you, Liam.


¡Bien hecho, hombrecito! Estamos muy orgullosos de ti y de tu valentía. No tienes miedo a caerte, lo cual hace más peligroso dejarte solo🙂

Te queremos mucho, Liam.


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8 Responses to Run, baby, run

  1. CAROLINA says:


  2. Philip Moreau says:

    I can’t help but take some credit, for being there when the shoes were picked out. Congrats anyway!

  3. Mummu says:

    Liam is the best!!! He does not have any fear! You will be even more busy watching his every step. He looks sooooo sweet ! You must be so proud!

  4. Sara says:

    Con los brazos rectos jejejeje.. Biel ponía los brazos igual! qure guapo

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