You have been framed!#1

Another section for this blog: You have been framed! Where I will share with you pictures of moments to remember or simply interesting photos, curious or beautiful pics… I think Liam is going to appear a lot for this section 🙂

Otra sección para el blog: You have been framed! Donde compartiré con vosotros fotos de momentos para recordar o simplemente fotos bonitas, curiosas, interesantes… Me huelo que Liam va a aparecer mucho por aquí 🙂

And this is what happens when you forget to get away from the reach of Liam the baby wipes!

¡Y esto es lo que pasa cuando se te olvida apartar del alcance de Liam las toallitas para bebés!



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4 Responses to You have been framed!#1

  1. CAROLINA says:

    jaja vaya vaya con LIAM!

  2. Sara says:


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