Browsing IKEA’s catalogue, I have found similarities between objects from other brands. Lookalike. What do you think?

Ojeando el catálogo de IKEA, he encontrado algunas similaridades con objetos de otras marcas. Parecidos razonables. ¿Qué os parece?

1. Clock Watch me from Normann Copenhagen (40 euros)

2. Clock Smycke from Ikea (14,90 euros)

3. J49 Chair from HAY (242 euros)

4. Chair Trendig 2013 from Ikea (79 euros)

5. Mirror Strap from HAY (169 euros)

6. Mirror Stockholm from Ikea (79 euros)


7. Mass light NA6 from Norm architects (1.399 euros)

8. Lamp Minut from Ikea (29,99 euros)

9. Candleholder Raw from Muutu (99 euros)

10. PS 2012 candleholder from Ikea (19,99 euros)

11. Rack Button hook from HK Living (29 euros)

12. Rack Gräddig from Ikea (19,99 euros)


13. Mug Tasarita from Marimekko (17,50 euros)

14. Mug Ungdom from Ikea (4,99 euros)

15. Cupboard Stockholm from Ikea (349 euros)

16. Cupboard Vass from Asplund (1.655 euros)

17. Shelves Stacked from Muuto (69 euros)

All nice things, aren’t they? Have a nice day!

Todas preciosas, ¿verdad? ¡Feliz día!


Pictures from IKEA, Nordic Think, OTTOYANNA and Finnishdesignshop

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