You have been framed!#29

Collages195This is Liam at 19 months:

– He loves dancing an his favorite games involve makes lots of noise and throwing things on the floor.

– When sleeping, he moves constantly what it wakes me up continuosly.

Este es Liam a los 19 meses:

– Le encanta bailar y sus juegos favoritos siempre tienen que ver con hacer mucho ruido y tirar cosas al suelo.

– Cuando duerme, se mueve muchísimo lo que me hace despertar constantemente.

Collages194– He always wake up in great spirits. Siempre se despierta de buen humor.

– His English vocabulary: shoes, socks, ball, balloon (these two are his favorite), daddy, doggy.

– His Spanish vocabulary: agua, hola, pie, “ya está”, oso.

– Catalan words: gracis, adéu.

– Finnish: tutti.

– His own way to express himself: Bi (bottle), “Chu-chu” (cars, bikes, motorbikes…), “Mai Mai” (Godmother).

1621889_10151857223791582_1972027298_n He calls me “Ba Ba”. Me llama “Ba Ba”.

1782004_10151857221191582_845721755_nHe has no patience to wait for breakfast is done. Every morning, he cries as if we were not going to give it to him.

No tiene paciencia para esperar a que se haga el desayuno. Siempre llora como si no fuéramos a dárselo.

And when you least expect it, he hugs you and gives you a big kiss.

Y cuando menos te lo esperas, te abraza y te da un beso enorme.


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5 Responses to You have been framed!#29

  1. Let Us Talk Good-BlogMagazine. says:

    aww love!
    all his age fellows will encourage his hobbies!

  2. Isa says:

    Es el niño más guapo del mundo!!! Es muy simpático y sociable (lo digo todo lo objetivamente que puedo 😉 Todos queremos a Liam!

  3. Carolina says:

    Es un niño adorable!!! Yo quiero uno de esos abrazos y besos grandes!!!

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